The Founding Neighbors Project (FNP) are projects that our founded by neighbors. The idea is to go into precincts which are essentially neighborhoods and get neighbors to build a consensus around a particular project that they believe their neighborhood would directly benefit from and then we collectively work to implement that project. These projects can be like the ones listed below or they can be a small business, non-profit, community garden, solar roof tops or even a youth program. Please contact us if you and your neighbors have a project that you would like to get off the ground through FNP.    

Ward 6 - Precinct #5 

Fight for new Tuj Lub courts at Duluth and Case Recreation Center. 

Ward 6 - Precinct #5 

Prohibit the City of St. Paul from implementing sidewalks at the corner of Cypress and Geranium Avenues.

Ward 6 - Precinct #6

Reflectors on two identified  stop signs to reduce car accidents. 

Ward 6 - Precinct #7

  Add a left turn signal onto Phalen  Blvd from Payne Ave. to reduce car accidents.